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My personal philosophy is to live in continuous awareness of body and mind.  Helping others make sustainable lifestyle changes is my way to stay focused on my own pursuit of wellbeing. (More)


My mission is to promote Mind-Body connection, creativity, personal growth and healing. During my sessions I will guide you through a unique process to clear blockages in your life, change negative patterns and transform your energy.



Feed your body and mind with new energy and inspiration!   (more)  I combine holistic healing and personal coaching to increase vitality and promote well-being. Renew your body, calm your mind and sooth your soul….

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Promoting better Holistic Health to greater Fort Worth

Welcome to Jasmine Holistic Health! My mission is to promote Mind-Body connection, personal growth and healing to clients throughout the greater Fort Worth area. During my sessions I will guide you through a unique process that allows you to clear physical, mental or emotional blockages.

The techniques introduced during my sessions will help initiate the changes necessary to rejuvenate your entire being.

Whether you need a Wellness session for healing or One-on-One personal coaching, I offer my services to help you overcome everyday challenges and create a more fulfilling life.

If  you desire more vitality, a healthier body, a peaceful mind and a vibrant spirit contact me today.


The secret to happiness in life  is within…  I take you step by step through an enjoyable process of personal growth and transformation.

Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga Therapy awakens your senses, creates inner harmony and increases awareness of body and mind. It is an ancient tool for physical and emotional health.

Holistic Bodywork

I combine ancient principles with modern techniques to release physical, mental and energetic blockages enhancing health and well-being



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