A bit about me

Your devoted Holistic Practitioner in Fort Worth.

As a Holistic Practitioner in Fort Worth, my personal philosophy is to live in continuous awareness of body and mind. My devotion to coaching is a part of that. Sharing my journey with others is my way to stay focused on my own pursuit of wellbeing.

I believe success in life is finding the inner strength to create the best possible human experience.

I have studied ancient and modern modalities in formal settings as well as independently. My career  has enhanced my life experience by allowing me to work with people from all walks of life. I consider a privilege and an honor to work with those who seek my services.

My journey started when I was introduced to the world of Holistic Healing by Dr. Bernard Jensen, who was a pioneer in Alternative Health. My passion quickly became Holistic Health, Mind-Body Connection, Yoga and Dance.


My approach is based on the application of foundational holistic principles and the benefits of living a conscious lifestyle.



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