Kundalini Sessions

Awaken your Power……


Kundalini Sessions are offered as a progressional program to raise awareness about mind-body connection and the energy system.

Session 1-  Is your gateway into ancient wisdom, allowing you to completely let go. It is a melting and an awakening…here you are elegantly introduced to kundalini concepts and the 7 energy centers in the body.  The firm bodywork awakens all of your senses stimulating the nervous system and releasing natural endorphins for an ultimate mind-body experience.

Session 2-  Is an introduction to pranayama breathing and energy building techniques.  Kundalini energy is powerful!  It lies coiled like a  snake at the base of the spine, when awakened it leaps upward through the chakra system.  The bodywork and the energy building movements awakens and circulates energy throughout the entire body.  This session is healing, renewing and is designed to expand your boundaries.

Session 3-  Is an opportunity to enjoy a Body Temple session where the concepts from sessions 1&2 are in full expression.  You may repeat sessions 1-3 or continue with personalized sessions.


Personalized Kundalini Sessions-


  • Level 1: Assessment of energetic blockages.
  • Level 2: Focus on Root- Family, Value system
  • Level 3: Focus on Sacral- Sexuality and Creativity
  • Level 4: Focus on Solar Plexus- Transformation
  • Level 5: Focus on Heart – Love and Relationships
  • Level 6: Focus on Throat – Communication
  • Level 7: Focus on Brow – Knowledge and Intuition
  • Level 8: Focus on Crown – Life purpose

Kundalini Session

Each Kundalini  Session runs 75 minutes

Fee: $150

Take the first step to discovering a happier, healthier you.

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