Thai Yoga Therapy

Thai Yoga Therapy – a profound healing experience.

Thai Yoga Therapy is an ancient modality and a true art form with powerful effects on the mind and body.

Your Thai Yoga Therapy Session

This form of bodywork involves a system of healing techniques performed on a padded mat on floor using hands, knees, legs and feet to guide you through targeted yoga stretches, muscle compression, joint manipulations and pressure points.

The Thai yoga session includes a combination of Eastern and Western techniques that create an energizing and revitalizing form of massage with the purpose of healing.

The assisted stretching is a powerful introduction to deep relaxation, breathing and dynamic movement.  The  gentle poses create a grounding effect relaxing your mind and allowing your body to completely let go. The energetic dance between giver and receiver  stimulates the body’s energy  restoring the nervous system, creating emotional harmony and relaxation.

No oils are used in Thai Yoga Therapy.  The core of the session is to apply firm rhythmic pressure throughout the body . The massage follows the Sen lines commonly known as channels, meridians or nadis. Loose comfortable clothing is recommended for this session.

Thai Yoga Session

Each Thai Yoga Session runs 60 minutes.
Fee: $110

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