Work with Me

Work with me… and let the transformation begin.


Come experience dynamic sessions in a private, comfortable studio.  I offer fun, interactive sessions that combine ancient techniques with practical tools for modern life.

Live your full potential!

My role is to help identify areas in your life where you are experiencing physical, mental or emotional blockages. When these blockages are cleared you will enjoy peace of mind, balanced emotions and vitality.

I  can guide you towards successful,  long-lasting changes in the following areas:

  • Intellectual: Expanding prespective, Creativity, Meaning-Life Purpose
  • Emotional: Positive Energy, Vitality, Balanced emotions
  • Physical: Stress reduction, Renewing energy, Healing, Mind-Body connection

I work with healthy individuals who have reached a sticking point and need a plan to move forward. I am not a medical doctor. The information on this site and the content shared during private sessions is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. I do not diagnose, treat  or prevent any disease. With all medical conditions, consult a qualified medical professional.

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